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Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:10 am
by admin
Here is a huge blunder that has to do with duplication. I chickened out at the prospect of leaving 2 blots, failing to notice that 5s are actually duplicated (duplication is when both of your blots are the same number away from your opponent hitting checkers such that the chance of getting hit is lower as there is not 2 different nunmbers to get hit with). The recently uploaded new verson of GreedyGammon 1.0.49 launches gnubg with the completed match all ready to go so I did analyze this match even though I ended up winning and often dont bother to analzye a match that I won. Hey, if I won I must have played well right? WRONG! :lol: My play was a .640 blunder reducing my chances from 48% way down to 23%. That is TERRIBLE!!
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