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see a blot hit a blot

Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:29 pm

Hitting a blot feels good, it puts our opponent on the bar, gives us the chance to start closing out our board and very often it is the correct play. However we must be careful not to fall into the "see a blot hit a blot" syndrome where every blot we see we have to hit. Sometimes it can be a HUGE error to hit a blot as shown in this example of a 380 (triple plus plus blunder :D ) I made. With a good roll of 5-4 I had a chance to tidy up my position, safety my own blots and on the next roll, attack my opponent. But I fell into the "see a blot hit a blot" trap, and made the hit. It didn't do much good.The opp still had a strong position and I ended getting the back runners trapped and losing the game and match.
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