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Blunder of the day..

Playing White 1 pt match.
I rolled 3-4 and though well... 3 pt board is better than a 2 pt board so why not make my 2 pt.
I instinctively had a feeling it was not a good play but make it anyway.
The only other move i thought of was 13-6 still an error but not as terrible as making the 2 pt
The correct play turned out to be 13-10 13-9.
So.. why is making the 2 pt so bad here? Well it pretty much kills any future play other than from the mid point
You dont want to make points deep in your own board too early leaving gaps in the middle which will be hard to fill in later. Slotting the 9 and 10 pts gives good flexibility and even if we get hit with an indirect shot, there is a blot waiting on the other end we might pick up and we have an advanced anchor so it isnt such a big risk.
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