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GreedyGammon 3.x connection (howto)

Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:32 pm

GreedyGammon 3.x features a new connection mode to play with your friends without relying on a central server. You will have your own private connection to chat and play with your friends. For 2 players to connect and play with GreedyGammon, one player must setup their router for an external connection. This is accomplished by setting port forwarding. Port forwarding is a common gaming setting used by players who wish to play with each other. If you google how to do port forwarding you will find some good instruction pages. It is not complicated. The hardest part is if you never opened your router settings page, how to log in. Once you get into your router settings page you simply go to the advanced settings section or "gaming" section to setup the port forwarding.

One common way to access the router settings is to browse to
Here is a screenshot of what a netgear router settings page looks like

click image for full size

Visit for easy to follow instructions .

Once you have setup your port forwarding, and checked that the port is open
Open the connection settings page on GreedyGammon options and you will find your settings filled in automatically.
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Copy the connection string setting and send it to your friend. They can put this string into "connect as client" in GreedyGammon options and click connect
Voila! 8-) you have your own private remote backgammon game server which never goes down or closed.

Post here in this forum for more help.
The new html help from within the game also has some helpful instructions with screenshots.
Backgammon is a luck/skill game similar to card games like poker and gin rummy. Estimating and maximizing your winning probability is key

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