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When a player is familiar with Gnubg he/she will just as i used to left-click on the cube to accept and right-click to reject the the cube.
like it that way as when you have completed your move and click on the dice and you opponent offers the cube you just have to click instead of going almost to the top of the screen

Comparing the buttons

GG Resign / reject / Undo / Accept

Ggnubg Accept / reject / Double / Undo

I'm Always puzzling :D to click on the correct button :lol:

Maybe you can add the click on the cube and to me the logic how gnubg put the buttons more sense

About the video I don't think that they will be viewed often maybe more when there are sometimes replaced by other youtube backgammon things

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Re: Cubing

Yes, clicking on the cube to accept is convenient. That used to be available in prev FIBS client versions of 3DFiBs but for some reason maybe unintentional clicking accept it was disabled. Maybe could be implemented with a preference option to allow it in options. The buttons for accept reject are separated intentionally so as not to click the wrong button if they are side by side. GreedyGammon updates will probably be delayed now as I have not recovered yet from my spare PC crash which has left only 1 machine to run the server. Maybe we will have a donation drive to get another machine so we don't have down time of server while working on updates. If 10 users donate $15 I can add 50 - $100 and get a good used PC ;)
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