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GreedyGammon 2.0 new dice roll algorithm

Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:32 pm

GreedyGammon version 2.0 introduces a new dice roll algorithm for casual players who would like to win a few games here and there against the extremely strong gnubg opponent. It is the default setting in the preferences screen (called enhanced luck dice) and will be active for any player whose rating is below 1750. Players with rating above 1750 will automatically revert back to random dice setting. Players with ratings below 1750 who wish to play with real random dice can change the setting in preferences under the gnubg tab.

Backgammon can be a frustrating game when played against an expert player. But to learn the game and get to be a strong player yourself, you must play with random dice, take your lumps, analyze your games with gnubg, and learn to deal with the long losing streaks. If you are just playing for fun, and would like to HAMMER :D :D the bot for all the times it has crushed you in the past, GreedyGammon will work behind the scenes and make it happen for you. It is still a fun to play setting as the "cheating" only kicks in when you are falling behind.

Well that is it.. if you reach 1750 and suddenly GreedyG is much tougher to beat, now you know why. 8-)
Download GreedyGammon, free backgammon game right here ... taller.exe

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