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Known issues (August 13 2013)

UPDATE All the issues listed below have been fixed as of version 1.0.19 uploaded on Sept 4 2013

All the bugs below will be fixed ASAP

*Player vs Player jf.mat files not generating correctly (bot games are logging ok)

*Ratings for some locales (europe) are using comma instead of decimal point which is causing problems like rating going to 9999.

*There may be an issue with player vs player match length showing up different than what was setup (ex. you set up a new match for 3 pt and the game starts but shows 1 pt match)

*Timer expiration with player vs player sometimes on rare occasions does not result in expected behavior

*If you redouble and the bot drops, you get another "do you want to double" dialog on the start of the new game. You can click "No" and continue the game normally so it is not a huge problem. This will be fixed for sure next version

*If you have autoroll and or greedybearoff turned on and the bot doubles, the accept/reject dialog box does not show and the cube is turned and accepted. To avoid this bug, don't turn on auto roll if it is likely the bot could double. Sorry about this bug I will fix it ASAP.

The bot resigns a backgammon but only a gammon credit is rendered. yuck horrible bug horrible. Dont know how it was not caught earlier. It WILL be fixed by next update

All these bugs will be fixed but it takes some time because the program now is very large and takes time to find the code for the problems and testing it.
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