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GreedyGammon version 3.0.148 (June 14-2020)

Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:02 am

Responding to feedback from user regarding server mode and connection string issues when IP address changes,
an update with remote server setting read has been implemented.

The way it works is you (server owner) will create a file "defaultconnection.txt".
In that file you will have the URL of a text file with your server name, IP, and port.
Like this ..

yourservername 123.456.78.9 33333

You can call this file connection.txt

You will upload connection.txt file to space you control like


the file"defaultconnection.txt" will contain this URL

You will send this file "defaultconnection.txt" to your friends to place in their
documents>>greedyg folder

Now when your ISP changes your IP you simply create a new connection.txt file and upload it.
Your users will read the new settings and connect without any changes to any connection strings

Hope this help and maybe it is easier than the encrypted connection string scheme.

The option "disable default connection" in preferences must be unchecked.

Please post any questions here in this forum under Questions and Comments section.
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