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GreedyGammon version 3.0.152 August-30, 2020

GreedyGammon version 3.0.152 August-30, 2020

-fixed issues with resign button toggling greedy bearoff button

-changed the match length selection system for matches over 11 pt (was confusing could not select lesser match length as it was hidden)
The way it works is if you select the first or last button, the view will change.
If your last match was over 11 it will not show on the selection but will still start the same match length as you played previously unless you select a different match length.

-looked into why status was changing to "IDLE" in the middle of a match (player vs player mode)

-activate prev instance working correctly now. (Not just error message if you click the icon when the game is minimized)
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