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GreedyGammon version 3.0.157 (Nov 29 2021)

The server setup has been completely overhauled
The server is now separated from the client running in its own exe.
The encrypted "connection string" is gone.
GreedyGammon will detect both your LAN and WAN ip address and add them
to the drop down combo for you to select the 192.168. x.x for playing on your home network
or select your current ISP assigned IP to allow your remote friends to connect to your server.

The server is now equipped with FTP component that will auto upload your server.txt file directly to your
website. To use it, fill out the fields and click "upload" and if it is success, it will remember your settings and auto upload your ip, port, server name so your users can read it even if your ISP changes your IP it should still work depending on how your port forwarding is setup. You may have to adjust port forwarding to work with the new IP.

More details will be provided in the forum "How to connect" section. Basically how it works is with 2 files
server.txt and client.txt.

server.txt will have your server name, ip, port and a "0" like this
tetraHydro 123.456.789.10 33333 0

client.txt will have the URL where you uploaded server.txt to like this

distribute client.txt to your users for them to place in their documents/greedyg folder.

Thats it, open up preferences, select the IP you want to work with and click "start server"
The server will upload server.txt to your web space with a "1" at the end to indicate the server is running.
When the server is closed, it will upload server.txt with a "0" at the end to indicate server offline.

Any questions please post in the forum.
No registration required!
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Detailed how to installation guide with screenshots

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