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GreedyGammon version 3.0.155 August-17, 2021

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 6:23 pm
by admin
Hello greedygammoneers,

So.. internet was out for 2 weeks while switching ISP and surprise surprise.. :D some work got done.

- Server settings are now editable directly from the preferences connection tab

- Animation style and calibration improved

- Country setting can be manually set from preferences options tab

- Home network play mode enabled by using 192.168.x.x without going through the port forwarding settings. To play someone on your home network use your local IP as your server IP setting, set a port # (1234 works) and send the generated connection string (long string of characters generated by the server tab, to your home network opponent by email or file. They can add that connection in their connect as client setting and will see your connection when you start your server. Remember you must also add and connect to your own server with your own server string on your "connect as client" setting.

Connect as client "add" screen will show the actual ip port and name on a label below the encrypted string so you can verify with the sender they sent you the correct connection string