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How to Install and Play on GreedyGammon

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:53 pm
by admin
It has come to my attention that many prospective users are not familiar with the old style installation of games. Unlike the browser based games, the old style games must be installed on your machine. They don't run in your browser. Below are the instruction to install GreedyGAmmon.

To play on GreedyGammon, you must first DOWNLOAD and install it.

Clicking the download red link above will download the file "greedygammon_installer.exe"
By default, chrome will download it into your download folder (C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads)
A link to the download should appear on the bottom left corner of your browser as in the image below

Click "open" to start the install.

Windows will warn that the file is unknown and could damage your computer.
I got tired of paying the $70/yr certificate license fee. .. :o
If you download it from official or aws cloud link you will be safe.
You can verify the site safe status of at
And check the installer file greedygammon_installer.exe at

Click "Run" and follow the prompts to install.

When installation is complete, GreedyGammon icon will appear on your desktop

Starting GreedyGammon will load the login screen
By default, the Windows username for that computer will show in the username field
You can type over that to change it to whatever username you wish to play with.
Click "Enter"

If server "tetraHydro" (a default server for users to connect to) is running,
you will see the red "offline" label change to a yellow "connection"


Open preferences screen by clicking either the yellow "connection" label or the gear icon.
Click connect to connect and try out the server human vs human mode, invite your friend to play with you.


GreedyGammon works online and offline.
You can play the computer player whether you are connected or not.
The game runs local on your computer.

If you are connected, you can chat and play with other players and watch their games.


The gear icon on the control bar loads the preferences screen.
You can change options like the board, background image etc.

The thumbnail pics on the top edge are background selections.
There are different themes to select from preference options tab

The icon (i) information will load the html help page
explaining the functions of the buttons and game play process.

There are 2 lists of players. The top list is a static list of old usernames from
a previous version of GreedyGammon, and a few top rated names added for fun.

It is there to provide a rating ladder
to track your progress as you get better.

The player list below that is players currently connected and you can chat and play
with them or watch their games if they are playing the bot.

Only GreedyG (computer player) games are rated
Player vs Player games are not rated.
Only a stat of games played won/lost is saved for player vs player.

Hope this helps :D

Re: How to Install and Play on GreedyGammon

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:15 am
by admin
The computer player "GreedyG" is a strong BG engine based on the open source GnuBG AI (
There is a section in this forum how to analyze your games using gnubg. >> viewtopic.php?f=19&t=152
Greedygammon makes it easy by saving your games in jf.mat format, launching the command line gnubg analysis
and when the analysis is complete, a clickable link will appear to open gnubg sgf file with your game already analyzed

:shock: (search engine spam.. u can ignore this)

With GreedyGammon you can
  • play backgammon against the computer
  • play backgammon online
  • play backgammon offline
  • play online backgammon with friends
GreedyGammon is a free backgammon download
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