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Unable to see "play" button

Hello. First of all, I should tell you I'm the same person who posted the previous question about the password. Thanks for the response. In the meantime I have re-registered with a different user id (and different email address). I was able to log on to the GreedyGammon software using the newly registered user name. However, I do have another issue. My friend and I both logged on at the same time this afternoon because we wanted to play against each other. Neither of us could see the "play" button opposite each others' user names, so we were unable to play. Can you advise what we need to do?

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Re: Unable to see "play" button

sure :D

There is a saying.. when all else fails, read the help file
Sorry to be a smartass 8-)

You have to setup a match if you want to play someone other than the bots.
To setup the match click the top left icon on the toolbar./
Then the play icon will show for your opponent and they can join and you can accept
I know its different from FIBS but this is not fibs anymore
The FIBS system is not so good as it doesn't let anyone know what kind of match you want to play
This is similar to the play65 style lobby if u ever played there.
No registration required!
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