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New user issues


I'm not a gamer, I don't have a website.
Is this a requirement for me to set up a server?

Also, I tried to set up a LAN connection. I can see a server running in TaskManager, but no local.txt file was created as expected.? What is the format?

Finally, re: "Server tetraHydro is back online. Just go to preferences>Connection and click Connect on the client box."
The server list in the "connect as client" box is empty ... I tried hacking Client.txt & Server.txt to no avail.


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Re: New user issues

Hi Jim,

I have sent you an email with some answers.
I will work with you to setup your server
First lets check that everything works on the default server "tetraHydro"
I have started it and it is running.
If that is a go and working good, we can start with getting you setup to host as server.
Everything you need is already included in the standard download all you will need is a "port forwarding" setup
an ftp account to upload a small text file for your clients to read and connect with and thats about it. A setup in the
server ftp settings to connect to upload your text file.
I will go over everything with you setup by step
Yes yu can play LAN and with remote users


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