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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:48 pm
by admin
How do I move the small number on the dice first?
Click the alternate mouse button to move the small number first

How do I minimize the screen?
Click the alternate mouse button on the X (top right) to minimize the screen.
Regular click will close the game.
You can also minimize the chat window with a double click on the chat title bar will toggle it on and off the screen

Why can't I double?
GreedyGammon will automatically switch to auto roll mode when the cube is dead, or it is crawford game. When is the cube dead? When your match score + the cube value is equal to or exceeds the match length such that you have no use for any further doubling.

I tried to load a jf.mat file for replay and nothing happened
Yes, the jf.mat format is loose. You can get the specific format that GreedyG can read by loading the file into gnubg and save it as jf.mat (match). GreedyG can replay those files.

Animation "slower/faster" buttons do nothing
Manually input a larger number directly into the text box for that setting to show faster results. Keep doubling it until you see the animation speed you want.

The interface colors don't look right is not as nice as the screenshots.. why?
Some monitors come with a default color setting of 9300k.
Change it to 6500k using the menu buttons on the monitor (next to the power on off switch)

How do I start a new game?
Click the new game icon on the tool bar (red black triangle) and select a match length and click OK.

Does GreedyGAmmon run on MAC?
GreedyGammon will only run on MS Windows (Win-7 and Win-10)

Where is the game log for analysis?
GreedyGammon automatically saves your match in jf.mat format in your documents folder under GreedyG=>jfmat
Versions 3.x can analyze in the background and save in sgf format in your documents-Greedyg-sgf folder

Update: Version 3.x now uses the CLI version of gnubg to processes your completed match in the background as you play a new game, and saves it in sgf format. Click on the file name from the list below the chat box to open GnuBG with the match loaded and ready to review.

Is GreedyGammon the same as FIBZILLA?
GreedyGammon is not a FIBS client like the previous FIBZILLA and 3DFIBS. GreedyGammon does not connect to It connects to its own server. Your FIBS username and passwords dont work on GreedyGammon and your GreedyGammon username will not work on FIBS as they are not related.

I ran the updater and now nothing works?
Sometimes there is a glitch with the update. It is not the end of the world. Just download and install the full version. Any files that were missing or mangled will be corrected with the install. Software is fragile. Things get broken but are usually quickly fixed. Just let us know please.. support(at)

GreedyG (gnubg bot) sure wins a lot of games. Does it cheat?
No, it does not cheat. It plays at a world class level which is good enough to beat most people most of the time. By the way, I did not create the gnubg player. That code was done by some PhD level computer scientists. You can read up on it at The code is free and open source for anyone to examine it.

Update: Version 3.x gives beginners an easier to beat version. If you are experienced player, go to options and select "random dice" for real dice.

What is Greedy Bearoff / Auto Race
Greedy Bearoff or Auto Race as the option is called now, is a setting to allow you to sit back and let the computer make all the plays when the game turns into a no contact race. GreedyG will be making your moves for you so you can rest assured that the best possible move for the roll will be played. Since it is a bot generated move, you will sometimes see some peculiar plays when the chance of winning is zero. Also if the position a few moves away from a gammon save, the bots sometimes wait till the opponent is one roll away from gammon and then they take off one piece. It may appear that the Auto Roll makes mistakes but it never loses any equity. It always makes the best play for the score. If the match is already lost it doesn't bother to take off a piece. Some positions require certain kinds of moves to lower the chance of getting gammoned. In those cases, the bot will certainly play better than most players. GreedyGammon offers this setting for the sake of convenience. Future versions may offer a disable option for players who wish not to offer this advantage to their opponent. Here is an example of a mistake you can make during bearoff if you are not experienced.

When will player vs player be implemented
Current version 3.x allows player vs player with a private connection (no server needed) Instructions on how to set it up is in the help from within the game or right here in the support forum (how to connect) in the questions and comments section.

Why can't I connect more than 2 players on my LAN ?
To connect multiple players on your local LAN network use the local IP 192.168.x.x as server. Select the local IP and check that all local players have a local.txt file that has the connection IP and port listed. I am testing to see if the local IP players can see remote WaN players who connect to that server. local.txt and client.txt are both in the same folder (C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GreedyG) GreedyGammon will create both files when the server is started. Any client must have those files in their documents folder to connect to that server

Why are bot games not saved for resume
Bot games with GreedyG are not saved because there is no possibility for a disconnect since the bot runs local on your machine. Also GreedyGammon doesn't care about your rating even if you always drop the game when you lose. The game does not display ratings. It is designed to facilitate player vs player games among friends with small stakes as you might play at the coffee shop so it only shows you your running balance against a particular opponent. And just as you don't have to rely on a third party when you play with your friends at the club, you don't need a central server to play on GreedyGammon. You can setup the game to play remote games with your friends as described here

Update: Current versions of GreedyGammon (3.125+) do rate your bot games (player vs player games are not rated) Your rating will be displayed on the list of player names/ratings. Be sure to finish a game you started with the bot since the rating is adjusted when the game starts and if you drop your rating has already been deducted the points. If you lose, nothing changes with the rating as shown while in progress. If you win, your initial points are returned, and your winning points are added.

The installer will not run on Vista
Please right click the installer setup file go to "Properties" and click "Unblock" down at the bottom of that dialog. Yeah.. go figure. I have no idea where that came from and why Vista decided it wants to block the setup program.

Why is "Unknown Publisher" on the installer
Previous versions of GreedyGammon did have a digital signed certificate. But I got tired of paying $70/year for the annual certificate license so now that dialog screen shows "Unknown Publisher this program may harm your computer blah blah blah".. GreedyGammon and the previous backgammon programs that it is based on have been around for 20 years. You can check verify with VirusTotal ( and Norton SafeWeb ... Don't worry, be happy, ENJOY! :roll:

Why is GreedyGammon trying to connect to internet without permission ?
GreedyGammon tries to read a "version.txt" file from the GreedyGammon AWS download site. It compares this version with the one installed on your computer to display a green "Check for Update" on the login window if the versions don't match. GreedyGammon will also connect to a default server for player vs player capability. If you don't want to connect to this server, you can disable it from preferences under the options tab "Disable default connection". The only thing GreedyGammon wants is for you to be happy playing backgammon every day. Don't worry, be happy, ENJOY! :roll:

How do I invite someone to play?
Version 3.0x onward brings back player vs player games with a private connection. Currently the player listed on the new game dialog is who will be your opponent. If you are offline GreedyG is shown. If someone connects, you can pick their name from the drop down and play.

Update: Current version of GreedyGammon uses a click on the playerlist and select "play" to invite a player. No more drop down. It has been disabled as it was somewhat redundant. If the option is to "watch" an already busy user, that is what appears when clicking the username.

What is "enhanced dice" setting?
GreedyGammon has an "enhanced dice" setting in preferences that tilts luck in your favor. It is the default setting implemented so beginners don't get discouraged with losing most of their games. If you are not interested in the computer letting you win, and wish to play with real random dice, toggle that setting off.

How can I win more games at backgammon?
The best way to improve your game is to play lots of matches against the bots. You will lose most matches but each match is a learning experience. Analyze your games with the free software at (How to all about Gnubg is on this forum in detail with screenshots viewtopic.php?f=19&t=152 GreedyGammon can auto load your game and run the analysis in the background while you continue playing. When the analysis is complete, the "sgf" tab will be visible and you can click the link to launch Gnubg with your game already analyzed and ready for review. Gnubg will show you all your blunders, your luck factor, your estimated rating, and a general skill level from Supernatural to Expert, Beginner and Awful. If the analysis says you played well then its as good as a win and you lost only because the bot got lucky rolls. The main thing to understand about playing the bots is that even the experts only win 50% of their games against the bots. The point is not to win. It is to play as close to a perfect game as possible given the dice that you rolled. If you aim for that goal, the wins will come and your rating will go way up. Also keep in mind that rating formula is such that when your rating is low you will gain a big boost from each win. So you rating will creep up as you play more games even if it seems that you are losing. See my "losing streaks" post here viewtopic.php?f=31&t=348 shows my stats for a month and my current rating (zum_gali) To play backgammon u gotta be TOUGH :D If you get knocked down, brush yourself off and get right back up and keep fighting. Focus on making the best possible move for each roll no matter how far behind you might be. You will be amazed at some of the comebacks you will manage to pull off if you refuse to give up.

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