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GreedyGammon! Free backgammon download

  • Download GreedyGammon latest full version FREE here

    If you are looking for backgammon game to download for the PC, you have come to the right place. GreedyGammon is the best free backgammon download for Windows 7. Enjoy the board game classic of backgammon with GreedyGammon . Download GreedyGammon and play live with your friends from across the oceans. See for yourself if GreedyGammon is the best online backgammon game out there. GreedyGammon is not a backgammon app. It is a Windows 7/10 desktop application that you download and install on your machine. If you need help with that please visit the forum post with screenshots and detailed instructions how to download and install GreedyGammon.


    GreedyGammon will save your matches and run them through gnu backgammon in the background for easy single click analysis display of your games in gnubg sgf format.  GreedyGammon is a new online offline free backgammon game from the publishers of 3DFiBs and FiBzilla.   Please note. GreedyGammon is NOT a FIBS client. Please use 3dfibs or fibzilla to play on FIBS

    Enjoy online / offline backgammon with the following features..

    -  jf.mat log files generated to analyze your games with gnubg
    -  greedy bear off and auto race feature when contact is broken
    -  the bot resigning when the game is essentially over.
    - Easy single click to play fast no clumsy dragging
    - Auto play forced move off the bar.
    - And many more features that you just won't find in your generic backgammon game
    And the most important advantage is that you never have to rely on a central server
    to play with your friends. GreedyGammon lets you set up your own server and connect with your friends. Servers come and go at the whim of the owners. Here today gone tomorrow. Enjoy your favorite game forever with GreedyGammon.

    Update: GreedyGammon 3.0.152 is here!.

    Please visit the forum for GreedyGammon backgammon game details backgammon FAQ, backgammon tip and tricks, backgammon position analysis and GreedyGammon announcements

    Nice board themes (see screen shots below)
    Game logs saved as jf.mat format for easy import into GnuBG BGBlitz and exTremeGammon analyzers
    Automatic updates to the latest version
    More exciting fun features in the works..

    GreedyGammon requires MS Windows versions -7 /10 (no MAC client no android no iphone..sorry) 

    Current version of GreedyGammon 3.06x offers a peer to peer connection scheme that eliminates the dependence on a central server. Visit the forum for instructions. And of course you still have the gnubg based bot GreedyG for offline games against the computer. GnuBG analysis can be launched right from the end game dialog screen. There is no waiting for bots. They are always ready to play. And when you are ready for player vs player games against your friends or to discover people who may want to play against, visit the forum for the connection instructions and post your profile in the new forum section to find new players. GreedyGammon forum has instructions how to use gnubg to analyze your games, how to connect and play with your friends, and lots of general backgammon topics like position analysis, backgammon videos, and much more.

  • Screenshots..

     Screenshot of GreedyGammon

    free backgammon download greedygammon screenshot


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