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Welcome to GreedyGammon!

  • GreedyGammon latest full version is here

    GreedyGammon is a new backgammon server from the publishers of 3DFiBs and FiBzilla.  (Better than FIBS) Please note. GreedyGammon is NOT a FIBS client. You must create a new username/password to play. Your FIBS username will not work

    Enjoy online backgammon with the following features..

    Update: GreedyGammon 3.0 is here!.

    Please visit the forum for details

    Nice board themes (see screen shots below)
    Game logs saved as jf.mat format for easy import into GnuBG BGBlitz and exTremeGammon analyzers
    Automatic updates to the latest version
    More exciting fun features in the works..

    GreedyGammon requires MS Windows versions XP, Vista or Win-7 (no MAC client..sorry) 

    There seems to be some confusion about GreedyGammon being a FIBS client. Apologize for the inadequate communication regarding this. The old clients and websites do forward to greedygammon.com. So understandably it could be assumed its it an update to FiBzilla or 3DFiBs. Greedygammon has no affiliation with FIBS. It is a standalone client server backgammon. You will not find FIBS players on the player list. Your FIBS username and password will not log you in. The players who will enjoy Greedygammon are those who enjoy playing the bots.  You can play the bot and track your rating over time. GnuBG analysis can be launched right from the end game dialog screen. There is no waiting for bots. They are always ready to play.


     Screenshots of GreedyGammon

    greedygammon screenshot