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Here is a mistake I keep making over and over and never learn. MAKE YOUR 5 PT!! :D . The 5 pt is very important to own, whether your own or your opponent's. It is seldom (hardly EVER) a mistake to make your 5 pt when you roll numbers that lets you make your 5 pt. And when you fail to play it correctly it is often a blunder or even double blunder. Here is an example. This blunder was so stupid I am embarrassed to show it. What was I thinking? I played from the 11 pt which accomplished absolutely NOTHING. I still have 8 checkers to bring into my home board. The race is as close as could be. Absolutely horrible move. I got lucky and won the match with 66 in the end game and got overall "Advanced" rating for the rest of the match. If not for this mistake I could have got gnubg "Expert" rating.
Here it is a 1770 rated DUMMY play :lol:

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