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GreedyGammon version 3.1.168 (Feb 29 2024)

GreedyGammon ver. 3.1.168 (Feb 29 - 2024)

- a serious bug with the cube appeared after the prev update yesterday. Hope this fixes it. Hard to reproduce. Ok been playing a few 5 pt matches with this version and so far nothing broken. ;)

GreedyGammon ver. 3.1.166 (Feb 28 - 2024)

- removed the confirmation dialog "do you want to double" moved it to the routine that auto rolls where a doublecube chance can be missed when the auto roll is on. When it asks "do you want to double" always say "YES" and auto roll will be disabled so you can double.

- changed SS Tab behavior to show the last tab opened instead of always start with the connection tab

- fixed a problem with the "play from setup position" which was causing problems with bad rating
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