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  • The best free online/offline backgammon game download is GreedyGammon

    Download GreedyGammon Latest Version
    Size ~ 64 meg

    Please note, GreedyGammon is not a browser app. You must download the file greedygammon_installer.exe and install it on your machine to play the game. If you are not familiar with this process there is a support forum post with screenshots and detailed instructions here

    GreedyGammon is a MS Windows desktop download that works on Win - 7 and 10 (sorry no Mac or Smartphone)

    Alternate download link here if the aws site above is down

    GreedyGammon 3.x now features a peer to peer remote play capability. Connect and play with your friends without dependency on a third party server. No more "server offline" errors. Download and enjoy!

    So what is so special about GreedyGammon?
    Well, GreedyGammon has many features most sites don't offer. Yeah.. like what you may ask?
    - How about jf.mat log files generated to analyze your games with gnubg
    - How about greedy bear off and auto race feature when contact is broken
    - How about the bot resigning when the game is essentially over.
    - Easy single click to play fast no clumsy dragging
    - Auto play forced moves off the bar.
    - And many more features that make playing backgammon as fun as it is supposed to be
    And the most recent feature is that you never have to rely on a central server
    to play with your friends. Servers come and go at the whim of the site owners. Every GreedyGammon download incorporates the server functionality with a just a few router settings explained fully in the forum 

    Find out more about GreedyGammon in the support forum here. The forum has lots of backgammon stuff like position analysis, links to backgammon content online, tips for backgammon beginners, FAQ about GreedyGammon, and detailed instructions how to connect and play and also a section on the free open source backgammon analysis software  Gnubg. How to use it to analyze your games to get good fast.

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     Screenshot of GreedyGammon (default)

    free backgammon download greedygammon screenshot


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  •  Dark Chocolate theme Screenshot of GreedyGammon

    free backgammon download greedygammon screenshot

    Need help installing GreedyGammon?

    Step by Step guide with screenshots here