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  • Backgammon basics

    History of Backgammon Artifacts to modern history of backgammon

    How to play backgammon Basic rules of the game from bkgm.com

    The Crawford Rule Crawford rule in match play

    Basic Strategy Basic strategy for beginners

    Opening rolls Tips on how to play opening rolls and more..

    Backgammon strategy

    Cube Handling Cube handling articles

    Pip Counting Gotta count them yourself when playing on a real board

    Match play doubling strategy Cube action related to match score

    Backgammon software

    iTavli A large collection of backgammon like games, offering both online and off-line games

    Gnu Backgammon A free open source backgammon programming project

    Jellyfish One of the first commercial neural net programs

    Snowie Backgammon A popular (expensive) backgammon software used by professional players

    BGBlitz Java based full featured backgammon software by Frank Berger

    GreedyGammon Free backgammon software offering both online and off-line games

    More software Covers software titles for all platforms including Macs, Linux, Palm, Windows CE etc..

    Backgammon online

    FIBS Small non commercial server run by volunteers

    GreedyGammon.com Free Online backgammon game download

    Pogo Java games site mostly amateurs

    Just for laughts

    Backgammon Humor Funny backgammon jokes, stories..


    Greedygammon the best free backgammon game..

    Download greedygammon for free and enjoy backgammon online